Communicator for a wide variety of companies such as Danbolig Erhverv, Brain+ and German Konzeptwerft.

Teaching at Center 10 (10th grade) in Aarhus, Denmark, and at various high schools. Also as substitute teacher at basic school Hummeltofteskolen in Virum, northern Copenhagen, for two years.

Journalism. Since 2004 I have had the privilege of working for more than 50 medias (mainly Danish), including TV stations DR and TV2 and a variety of newspapers and magazines.

A few examples of my journalism:


Dagbladet Børsen, 2013-24

Børsen i Davos

Børsen – designerby i Alperne

Børsen – royal mountains

Børsen – heliskiing


Medicinske Tidsskrifter, 2019-23

Medicinske Tidsskrifter, psychiatric treatment of young people

Medicinske Tidsskrifter, ADHD

Medicinske Tidsskrifter, ADHD

Medicinske Tidsskrifter, succesfull cancer treatment


Danish weekly newspaper Søfart 2015-19

Søfart, Maersk Broker

Søfart, Maersk Line

Søfart, startup

Søfart VIDEO: Cruising the Atlantic with Danish navy

Søfart FEATURE writing, patrolling the coast of Greenland with Danish navy


Danmarks Radio – Danish national television 2014

DR2 – Argentine debt crisis


Correspondent in South America 2009-2015, Kristeligt Dagblad

Kristeligt Dagblad, abortion in Brazil and Latin America

Kriseligt Dagblad, politics – elections in Mexico

Kristeligt Dagblad, drug war


Correspondent in South America 2006-09, Berlingske

Berlingske, worlds biggest agricultural industry

Berlingske, politics, elections in Brazil

Berlingske, elections Argentina

Berlingske, the black widow


Berlingske, culture

Berlingske, heliskiing


Politiken, Roskilde Festival and skating 2004 (front page story)

Politiken, controversial skating


Last, but not least: Best barbecue and meat in the world

Gastro, Argentine barbecue